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Asky - Om hundrede år (Vinyl)

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Asky -  Om hundrede år (Vinyl)

Atmospheric, evocative and melancholic black metal for fans of Taake, early Ulver, Wolves in the Throne Room

Danish black metal band Afsky showcases a blend of melancholic melodies, raw aggression, and a profound connection to nature and human emotions. "Om Hundrede År" marks a significant evolution in their sonic landscape, delving even deeper into their artistic philosophy.

With their latest album, "Om Hundrede År," Afsky takes a transformative step forward, delving deeper into their unique artistic philosophy. The album's title, meaning "In a Hundred Years," encapsulates its core concept – a contemplative exploration of mortality, human legacy, and the passage of time. Through a dynamic interplay of aggressive bursts and serene melodies, Afsky crafts an auditory experience that mirrors life's dualities, while their thought-provoking lyrics encourage listeners to reflect on their own existence.

Vinyl with booklet

Released by Vendetta Records

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