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Benthik Zone - "Eidolon" - CD

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 Benthik Zone - "Eidolon" - CD

Atmospheric and twisted black metal from Portugal. For fans of Darkspace, Esoctrilihum, Leviathan, Blut aus Nord.. and more

“εἴδωλον” establishes a parallel between classical antiquity and contemporaneity by creating a poetic dialogue with various myths, stories speaking about fabulous creatures, humans and gods.

It celebrates the beauty of metamorphosis and hybridism, which goes from the human being to the vegetal and animal life but carries the weight of that transition process and its consequences in the bodies of the “εἴδωλον” characters. The latent Romanticism that goes together with the music is immense, within a context in which the subject's sexual impulses, of death and of closing inside the subject's self, take hold of the body and are skin-tight, being music the means through which it is possible to communicate the unconscious and bring to the surface all this inner rampaging.

6 panel Digipack CD - Released by Onism Productions.

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