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Crown of Ascension - Transmission Errors

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Crown of Ascension - Transmission Errors

Cyber industrial black metal for this parallel project of Vessel of Iniquity

A. White, the sole mastermind behind the project, transposes into CROWN OF ASCENSION an important part of influences for his other creature, Vessel of Iniquity. The result is a bleak and intense brand of experimental black metal, strongly contaminated with industrial, drone and electronics elements. The use of drum machines set to insane and savage tempos adds an additional layer of industrial bleakness, providing "Transmission Errors" with a unique and frightening atmosphere.

With the intention of tracing the steps of masters of horror in extreme music such as Portal and Axis of Perdition, CROWN OF ASCENSION aims to drag their listeners into a thirty minute frightening whirlwind of sonic terror, crafted for the occasion in a limited edition on cassette.

Released by Xenoglossy Productions

FFO: Vessel of iniquity, Portal, Benthik Zone

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