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Feral Light - " Life Vapor" - CD

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Feral Light - " Life Vapor" - CD

"Life Vapor" is loaded with catchy riffs and memorable hooks exhibiting momentous black n roll sections that transform into triumphant post-metal, somber doom metal, and everywhere in between.

This is an album that manages to explore a wide berth of what the blackened sub-genres can manifest while remaining rooted by strong and purposeful songwriting and a balanced mix that highlights the instrumentation.

Firmly anchored in Blackened Post-Metal, Feral Light pull you in with their killer mix of melodic and dissonant riffing, combining and incorporating various styles including elements of post-metal, black n roll, doom, and second-wave black metal.

4 panel digipack 8 page booklet.

Released by Hypnotic Dirge Records

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