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Formalist - "We Inherit a World at the Seams" - CD (Pre-order)

Formalist - "We Inherit a World at the Seams" - CD (Pre-order)

Special edition CD in 6 panels digipack
Limited to 200 copies worldwide

This is a pre-order and will start shipping from May 25, 2023.

FORMALIST is a supergroup featuring members of some Italian heavyweights bands such as FORGOTTEN TOMB [Ferdinando "HM" Marchisio - vocals], MALASANGRE [Riccardo Rossi - drums] and VISCERA/// [Michele Basso - guitars]

After the critically acclaimed “No One Will Shine Anymore” (2018), FORMALIST are now back and their aim is still one and the same: opening new gates of total sonic horrors.

“We Inherit a World at the Seams” is a monumentally nihilistic record - a low-tuned nightmare combining the most vicious forms of Black Metal, Doom, Sludge and Drone, and taking their fear inducing and menacing sound literally to the extremes.

Terrifyingly suffocating and massively obscure slow music for the disenchanted.

FFO: Khanate, Corrupted, Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine, Grief

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