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Gruzja - I iść dalej

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Gruzja - I iść dalej

The debut album of Gruzja. Fierce and wild black metal, with rhythmic passages and industrial interludes

"I iść dalej" by Gruzja is an intense sonic experience that boldly blends elements of fiercely wild black metal with industrial undertones. The album stands out for its fusion of dark atmospheres and clever use of rhythmic passages, adding a structural and dynamic element to the sonic chaos. The tracks are infused with a raw and primal energy, while the industrial interludes contribute to an atmosphere of disorientation and frenzy. "I iść dalej" presents itself as a captivating sonic journey, highlighting Gruzja's ability to transform black metal into an engaging and experimental experience.

Released by Godz ov War Productions

FFO: Satyricon, Diapsiquir, Odraza

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