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Hornwood Fell - Cursed Thoughts - CD

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Hornwood Fell - Cursed Thoughts - CD

Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allan Poe in a masterpiece of progressive black/death metal

'Cursed Thoughts' comes out in two parts, the first containing six tracks, the second, the remaining seven. The first part of Cursed Thoughts explores Les Fleurs Du Mal (“The Flowers of Evil”) by Charles Baudelaire, and the second part takes the poems of Edgar Allan Poe as its inspiration.

Owners of a distinctive sound that draws influences from avantgarde metal and other different spectrums, Italy’s Hornwood Fell embarks on their new album “Cursed Thoughts” sheering away from the more conventional aspects of metal in favor of a memorable and intensified sound, displaying a dissonant and consuming feel, and becoming more surprising, unpredictable and varied than ever.

Released by Kadabra Music

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