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Hornwood Fell - Damno Lumina Nocte - CD

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Hornwood Fell - Damno Lumina Nocte - CD

An essential album for all dissonant black metal lovers and music extremists

An extreme, personal and "crazy" album. Hornwood Fell used extreme metal properly but personalizing it in an acid and dissonant way with spatial sounds.

The music combines sensations of brutish destructiveness and the revelation of hallucinatory visions. The sounds channel dismal moodiness and psychotic frenzy. The music roars, and is speckled with fleeting ethereal melodies that ring like ghostly bells. One minute you’re choking in a miasma of corrosive symphonic strings, and the next you’re caught in a strafing run of blasting drums and boiling riffage.

released by Third I Rex

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