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Hornwood Fell - Yheri - CD

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Hornwood Fell - Yheri - CD

Sophisticated dark and psychedelic black metal from

After stunning responses caught with their s/t 2014 debut, Italy's woods-obsessed Hornwood Fell are back with a second effort. '

Yheri' even shows unexpected progressions for the band, now not only being italy's most credible and competitive answer to 90's Norwegian black metal, but introducing atmospheric, dark, even psychedelic at times, elements and alternating clean vocals to the furious and harsh screaming they used us to.

The higher-class skills of Basili's brothers make it even an unmissable album for fans of technical extreme metal, with performances on guitars & drums second to no one, while a marvellous and original artwork (packed in a digipack) makes it a nice item to collect also for the Arty-maniacs!

released by Avantgarde Music

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