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Hypomanic Daydream / Homeskin - Hypomanic Skin

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Hypomanic Daydream / Homeskin - Hypomanic Skin

HYPOMANIC DAYDREAM and HOMESKIN join forces for this split of dissonant and experimental metal

HYPOMANIC DAYDREAM is a one woman project from Manic Dream Girl, known for her work with death metal band Putrescine and sludge doom duo Mesa. This project features an aggressive and dissonant death metal approach, with a strong electronic flavour highlighted by eccentric synths, providing the songs with an unique avant-garde-ish vibe.

HOMESKIN is one of the projects from multi-instrumentalist Garry Brents, also known for Cara Neir, Sallow Moth and Gonemage. HOMESKIN explores and blends many extreme subgenres in its releases, taking elements from black metal, grindcore and screamo, with a disorienting yet fascinating result.

Released by Xenoglossy Productions

FFO: dissonant death metal, experimental black metal, screamo

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