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Krvvla - "X" + "E / T" Bundle - CD and Tape (BUNDLE)

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Krvvla - "X" + "E / T" Bundle - CD and Tape (BUNDLE)

Dissonant post-black metal FFO: Krallice, Au-Dessus, Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Get the critically acclaimed "X" and "E / T" together with this special bundle.

Much like it was the case for the critically acclaimed late full length album “X” (2022) - hailed by the critics as “a masterpiece” and “an overpowering maelstrom of dissonance and devastation”, the two EPs “E” and “T” both a fantastic showcase of all of Krvvla’s trademarks: a fantastic sense of inventiveness and talent, mixing an abundance of dense atmospheres with sheer hypnotizing terror in sonic form.

4 panels Digipack CD including 8 pages booklet
Pro Tape with extended J-Card

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