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Mouth Wound - "Nothing Will Belong To Us" - Cassette Tapes - Glitter Edition (Reissue)

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Mouth Wound - "Nothing Will Belong To Us" - Cassette Tapes - Glitter Edition (Reissue)

“Second Edition in a sparkly silver, red and blue glitter shell - Pro Tape with extended J-Card

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order, and we expect to be able to start fulfilling orders as of early March 2024.

“Nothing Will Belong To Us” is the first on-label album by Danish Experimental / Dark Ambient artist and multi-instrumentalist Trine Paaschburg a.k.a. MOUTH WOUND.

An album that is both meditative and masochistic, and made of the very same substance of dreams and nightmares combined: a visceral release, so bodily and ethereal at the same time, balancing moments of deep melancholy with abrupt and brutal climaxes in which the peace is mauled by a cacophony of noise and guttural screams.

“Nothing Will Belong To Us” sees Trine expanding upon those elements that have become a trademark of her unique approach to music and experimentation, here combining the use and manipulation of analogue noise oscillators, acoustic drone, mangled violin and her heartbreaking voice with recordings based on her improvised live material accumulated over the past 2 years.

FFO: Lingua Ignota, Diamanda Galas, Pharmakon, Hillary Woods.

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