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Poseidon - CD + Notebook + Postcards

Poseidon - CD + Notebook + Postcards


- "Poseidon" on CD.
- A special notebook written through asystematic narrative path with Alessia Brunello, and inspired by “Burn After - A performance Book” by Elenia Depedro.
- 3 x postcards

“POSEIDON” is the eponymous collaboration album between Argento, Azoth (both SPITE EXTREME WING, IANVA) and Algol (HIEMS, FORGOTTEN TOMB, KIRLIAN CAMERA).

The album will be released on February 28, 2023 on digital and CD + notebook edition including postcards.

POSEIDON’s music is vastly improvised: written and recorded during ritualistic night sessions, using a vast range of unorthodox mediums and instruments such as mellotron, tube radio and various folkloristic frame drums.

A unique mix of Acoustic Black Metal, Folk Music, Psychedelic Rock and Avantgarde FFO: Spite Extreme Wing, Tangerine Dream, Current 93, late Swans.

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