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Skognatt - Ancient Wisdom - CD

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Skognatt - Ancient Wisdom - CD

Atmospheric Black Metal with influences from bands like Gehenna, Emperor, Strid, Tiamat

Skognatt is a solo project founded by Danijel Zambo in winter 2014. Danijel, who learned guitar and piano in his early youth and is now a freelance musician and composer, oriented himself stylistically to second-wave black metal.

Influences from bands like Gehenna, Emperor, Strid, Tiamat, but also Katanoia or Empyrium can clearly be heard here.
The work published here is from 2018 and not only the music creates a deep and dense atmosphere, but also the cover artwork contributes a lot and rounds it off harmoniously.
A bonus song should not be missing! The song "Hades", which has only just found its way onto the album, is extremely worth listening to and that's why buying this album is worth it.

Released by Human Noise Records

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