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The Bishop of Hexen - The Death Masquerade (CD)

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The Bishop of Hexen  - The Death Masquerade (CD)

Orchestral and theatrical atmospheres by the black metal outfit band The Bishop of Hexen

Formed in late 1994 in Israel, the band has released one of the most appreciated atmospheric black metal album to date "Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy", now after 14 years since their latest album the band has released their return from the darkest depths to unleash: The death Masquerade.

The Bishop of Hexen literally chases you through your nightmares. Sometimes you are driven through the undergrowth with nasty boards in panic of breathlessness…This new album is a true masterpiece of symphonic-black metal with many unexpected twists, a never-ending tension, and all of this is presented in a playful top form

Released by Dusktone

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