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Thermohaline - "Maelström" - CD

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 Thermohaline - "Maelström" - CD

Full print matte laminated 4-panel digipack with 8-page lyric booklet.

Thermohaline preserve the cold heart of black metal whilst crashing against its banks and flooding its many tributaries, dragging strange debris and unexpected treasures back into its chill waters. The results are both stunning and utterly remarkable, a new vision for black metal which the musicians themselves refer to as ‘nautical dementia’. Infused with emotion, rife with melody, yearningly familiar and yet shockingly alien...the waters of the Maelström await you.

From the exceptional talents of Lennart Janssen (Druon Antigon), Ignacio Elias Rosner (IER, Uroboros) and Nuno Lourenço (Salqiu, 0-Nun).

Released by Onism Productions.

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