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Void - "Jadjow" - 6 Panels Digipack CD

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Void - "Jadjow" - 6 Panels Digipack CD

"Jadjow" is the fourth Full Length album by Avant-Garde Metal pioneers VOID

Formed in London in 1999 and boasting an impressive back catalog of genre-defining releases, Void have been constantly at the forefront of sonic innovation.

The new album will feature a new line up formed by the collaborative experience of Matt Jarman (Void 's founding member) with Camille Giraudeau (Dreams of the Drowned, Doedsmaghird), Lars Emil Måløy (Dødheimsgard, If Nothing Is) and Tariq Zulficar (Atramentum). George Geegor Anagnostopoulos - Dødheimsgard's live sound engineer, has also collaborated in co-writing the album.

A multi-layered masterpiece of experimental music that manages to push the boundaries of both aggression and sophistication at the same time.

FFO:, Dødheimsgard, Enslaved, Ved Buens Ende.

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